Optimize Your Brand

Bringing together a deep expertise in call center management and a collaborative approach, we design a solution that delivers the right brand experience to your customers – every time!

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100% Accurate Fulfillment

We understand that you have a unique set of requirements when it comes to fulfillment. No matter what your needs, your customers get the right package at the right time, or it’s FREE!

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Closing the Information Loop

Adeptiv’s suite of cloud based, e-commerce services lets you integrate your operations for a greater responsiveness, reliability, and productivity. And integration is a breeze!

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Improve Your business and Return on Investment


Your customer expects world class service, no matter how big or small you are and it’s not easy.  You will have access to experts that will enable your business to grow and to cut costs providing you with a true strategic partner.

It’s part of our Optimize Methodology and our clients continually benefit from it.

Order Fulfillment for Ecommerce Companies

Order fulfillment is difficult enough to master, not to mention the additional complexity of successfully interfacing with your ecommerce shopping cart. The best order fulfillment companies can automatically download your shopping cart orders into their inventory management system, accurately pick, pack and ship the orders to your customers, and then deliver timely shipping tracking information and reporting so that you can seamlessly manage the overall process. Adeptiv Solutions does just that and more, offering shopping cart integration at a fraction of the cost of most ecommerce fulfillment firms. This enables you to earn a sizeable return on investment. All of this backed by our Fulfillment Accuracy Guarantee – if it doesn’t ship right, you don’t pay for it!

Call Center Solutions for Your Brand

Anyone can answer a phone call, but only the best call center companies can turn customer service issues into resolutions and routine calls into sales. Adeptiv Solutions utilizes a sophisticated quality monitoring system which enables us to effective train and coach our staff and monitor and report results to you in real time. And the best part is that we can customize our call center solutions to meet your specific needs. With Adeptiv Solutions you can be certain that all of your customers’ experiences will reflect your brand identity.

Integrated Solutions and Real Time Reporting

When you choose Adeptiv Solutions, you’re working with a company that offers the best systems integration and reporting in the industry. We’ve created automatic integrations with many of the major shopping cart solutions. And because we’ve mastered the art of integrating with various shopping carts, we’re able to quickly and cost effectively integrate with others that we haven’t worked with. Custom reporting is a standard feature – so you’ll receive real time data to help you make the best decisions for your business. Our integrated solutions cost far less than the competition.

Get High Return on Investment with our Affordable Pricing

There’s a fine line to walk when comparing order fulfillment and call center pricing. Choose the company with the lowest pricing and you’ll put yourself in jeopardy of working with a company that makes too many mistakes. And there are all too many companies that charge far more than most small to mid-sized companies can afford. At Adeptiv Solutions, we provide fair pricing that allows us to perform at the highest of levels but is also better than most 3pl firms. We make pricing transparent and easy to understand with our streamlined reporting and invoicing systems.


Best of Class Order Fulfillment and Call Center Solutions Under One Roof

There are many companies that offer both order fulfillment services as well as call center solutions under one roof. However, there are only a few that deliver best of class service in both areas. Adeptiv Solutions is the best choice when you need a single company that can provide unmatched order fulfillment and call center services. All too often companies that offer both services are really good at one and not so good at the other – leaving your company vulnerable. And both order fulfillment and call center are vitally important aspects of your business. Even a simple order error or customer service issue can cost your company business. Don’t leave these critical functions to chance. Outsource with a proven leader in the industry.

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